Clubs and Stakeholder'' Synergic Role in Football business

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1Associate professor Department of Sport Management, Faculty of Sport Sciences, Alzahra University, Tehran, Iran
2Postdoc Student Department of Sport Management, Faculty of Sport Sciences, Alzahra University, Tehran, Iran
Introduction: Recently, football's attractiveness has grown, such that its economic, social, cultural, and even political effects have led most countries to seek further benefits from the sport's development (Zhang et al., 2018). The football chain is considered an evolving market (Serrano et al., 2019; Serrano et al., 2018). Therefore, it is critical to know stakeholders' connections and the role of their synergies in the football business.
Methods: To analyze the literature, used ATLAS.ti 9 software to save, identify, and assess the data. The research sources used for the search were Taylor and Francis, Emerald, Springer, Google Scholar, and Elsevier. Simultaneously, the predominant keywords were stakeholder, synergy, and football business. The analysis includes journal articles, theses, books, and conference proceedings. As per this study's systematic literature review protocol, 19 papers were screened and verified as valid. The coding process for these articles was performed.
Results: The finds consisted of 30 concepts categorized into six categories. Categories include economic upgrading, Managerial improvement, marketing, social and cultural outcomes, stakeholders' relations, and creating value.
Conclusion: Just because clubs' revenues have considerably increased in recent years, it does mean an increase in their profit. The cultural, economic, and political issues of countries, complicate matters and make it difficult to provide a universal model (Memari et al., 2021). However, this does not mean that studies should not be conducted or that the proposed models should be avoided. Egilsson (2017) described values and difficulties in football SCM and argued that SCM could affect football clubs' operational performance and better services. Despite the importance of communication between stakeholders to improve the football business, it is straightforward for both the football community and researchers to develop it.
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