Investigation Of the Conductive Polymer Nano Composites as Photoelectric Materials

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: 1112-UFGNSM2021-FULL
technical and vocational university
In this paper, we will fabricate a conductive polymer nanocomposite based on a mixture of calcium metal powder and various thermoplastic polymers such as polyethylene and nylon for experimental photoelectric studies. The wavelength of the light spectrum studied in this experiment will be in the UVA region.The light sources we use are commercial UV-LEDs. Two experiments have been considered, the first of which is based on the creation of dependent electrical resistance of ultraviolet light(LDR) using nanocomposites and the second is the use of nanocomposites as a photoelectric cathode.The results of experiments have shown that by irradiating ultraviolet light to the electrical resistance made, it increases its electrical conductivity significantly. Also, by irradiating ultraviolet light to the cathode made under vacuum, a micro-ampere current flows towards the anode mesh. It can be hoped that in the future, conductive polymer nanocomposites can be used as light-sensitive electrical devices
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