Physical Literacy

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Professor Emeritus, Exercise Sciences
Physical literacy is a valuable human capacity which can be described as a disposition acquired by individual during the growth years and encompassing, motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding of different basic skills. It is ability to do variety of physical activities in multiple environments with competence. It is also ability to execute skills of different nature at certain age level. Physical literacy is fun, simple and essential for today’s kid. It is essential for healthy development of the whole person. Physical literacy is much more than just physical activity and have positive association with academic achievement and other positive benefits for athletic One can be an Olympic Champion and be physically illiterate. Physical literacy is a journey through life, also can be said that is passport for life. performance. Physical Literacy Refers to: • Blend of movement skills • Physical awareness • Cognitive understanding • General attitudes about physical activity and sport We Focus on Physical Literacy because of: • Positive association with academic achievement. • Lower rates of anxiety and depression when children are active. • Lower rates of obesity, heart disease, stress and other diseases.
Note: “One Can Be an Olympic Champion, and be Physically Illiterate” “For children sport is like a toy, they should be free to pick”
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