Investigating the Factors Influencing the Effective Management of Physical Education Classroom during Coronavirus Pandemic

پذیرفته شده برای پوستر ، صفحه 25-25 (1)
شناسه دیجیتال (DOI): 10.22059/sportcongr.2021.757
1Department of Sport management Sciences, University of Isfehan, Isfehan, Iran
2Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences,Islamic Azad University, Kermanshah Branch, Kermanshah, Iran
Introduction: The present study was conducted to investigate the factors influencing the effective management of physical education classrooms during the Coronavirus Pandemic in 2020.
Methods: In this study, the statistical population included all the official physical education teachers in Kermanshah province. 160 teachers (90 women and 70 men) were selected by stratified random sampling. In this study, a researcher-made questionnaire was used. Formal validity was confirmed by using the opinions of 10 professors and construct validity using the exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis. The reliability of the questionnaire was estimated to be 0.82 using Cronbach's alpha. The data were collected in the field. The data were analyzed by descriptive statistics (such as mean and standard deviation) and inferential statistics such as Chi-square and multiple regressions. The software used in this study was SPSS version 18. Finally, in order to analyze the data, statistical methods were used at the descriptive and inferential levels.
Results: The findings of this study showed that continuous monitoring and evaluation of students' activities to the extent of "high and very high" has the greatest impact on increasing the effectiveness of classroom management. 96% of teachers consider the students' leadership, encouragement, and motivation to increase the effectiveness of physical education classroom management to a larger extent, followed by three factors of preparation and implementation of lesson plans, organization, and strategy determination respectively. The results of the Chi-square test showed that the observed difference between the frequencies of responses is statistically significant.
Conclusion: Special planning is suggested by the authorities to continuously evaluate the students' activities and encourage and motivate them.
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