Evaluating the criteria required for the public relations managers of sports organizations

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شناسه دیجیتال (DOI): 10.22059/sportcongr.2021.752
1Master of Social Communication, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran
2Master of Sports Management, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran
3Undergraduate student of physical education and sports sciences, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran
Introduction: Given the importance of the role and duties of public relations in the organization, achieving its goals requires proper management to be able to improve the performance of public relations in the organization, based on which, the selection and appointment of public relations managers and identifying and selecting the most qualified people need It is based on criteria and criteria for qualified and qualified people to take over organizational positions (Allahyari et al., 2015). The purpose of this study was to evaluate the criteria required for public relations managers of sports organizations.
Methods: In terms of the result and purpose of applied research, this research was a causal-comparative research and in terms of research strategy, it was conducted in the field. The statistical population included all managers and employees of public relations departments in the Ministry of Sports and Youth (25 people), and sports federations (51 people) (total = 76 people), and based on the total sampling method, all members of the community were selected as the sample. In order to collect data, Ranjbar Public Relations Managers Competency Questionnaire (2017) was used.
Results: The research findings showed that evaluation criteria required for public relations managers of sports organizations have three dimensions of public, social, and task competencies and 12 components of perceptual competencies, contingency, executive, teamwork, leadership, networking, interpersonal public relations management, social public relations Provides professionalism, event management, crisis communication management, and reputation management. Also, according to the results of the Friedman test, the competencies of public relations managers were in order of priority as social competencies, public competencies, and task competencies.
Conclusion: Finally, according to the research results, it can be said that the selection of managers with general, social, and job competencies is one of the essential factors in promoting communication capabilities and improving relations with the general public, so sports organizations must consider it.
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