Strategies for the development of sports businesses in the post-corona era

پذیرفته شده برای ارائه شفاهی ، صفحه 9-9 (1)
شناسه دیجیتال (DOI): 10.22059/sportcongr.2021.744
Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, Faculty of Physical Education, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran
Introduction: The purpose of this study was to investigate the strategies for the development of sports businesses in the post-coronavirus pandemic era.
Methods: This research was conducted qualitatively. The statistical population of this research was the members of the faculty of sports management with specialized field of marketing, experts and experts in sports professions as well as the managers of sports clubs. To achieve the set goal, a qualitative study using in-depth interviews with elites was used. The interviews continued in a targeted manner and in the form of snowballs, and finally 15 people were interviewed. The data obtained from the interviews were analyzed by data-based method in three stages of open, axial and selective coding. To confirm the validity and reliability in this study, using the concept of reliability and its various elements, several strategies such as review at the time of coding, verification of results by referring to the topics and approval of research colleagues were used and validity and reliability were approved.
Results: 30 codes were identified as sports career development strategies and then classified into 5 concepts in axial coding. These concepts included market strategy development, resource improvement, business management strategy development, service and product innovation, and technology application.
Conclusion: Using this model, it can familiarize managers with the priorities of addressing sports career development strategies in Iran and provide the possibility of development in these jobs. As a result, the findings provide important insights into how the sports industry responds to the Covid-19 pandemic. This shows that in times of crisis and after the crisis, sports businesses can lead their business development with their unique strategy.
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