Comparison of personality traits of athletes with emphasis on psycho-social development in individual and group sports and comparison with non-athlete groups

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شناسه دیجیتال (DOI): 10.22059/sportcongr.2021.713
: 1136-SPORTCONGR (R1)
Faculty of sport science & physical education , University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran
Introduction: In this study, personality traits of neuroticism, extroversion, empiricism, harmonization, conscientiousness, socialism, and self-adherence in individual and group sports athletes were compared.
Methods: One hundred and thirty-four volunteer athletes (92 groups, 42 individuals; 90 non-athlete groups) students of different sports at the Faculty of Physical Education, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Shahid Montazeri University of Mashhad, and athletes from sports clubs participated in this study. Other non-athletes were selected by random sampling. Participants were asked to complete a psychosocial transformation questionnaire (Howley, 1988), a list of five personality factors (Costa and McCray, 1992), and a socialism-self-adherence scale. Statistical indicators and methods including mean, standard deviation, t-test, and Pearson correlation coefficient were used to analyze the research data.
Result: Findings showed that the score of individual sports athletes in conscientiousness and self-adherence variables is significantly higher than the score of group sports athletes and the score of group sports athletes in the variables of harmonization and socialism is significantly higher than the score of sports athletes. Individuals in this variable are personalities. From these findings, it can be concluded that the personality traits of individual and group sports athletes are different.
Conclusion: The results also show that athletes had higher psychosocial development than non-athletes, and psychosocial development in athletes with high neuroticism, openness, and conscientiousness was higher than non-athletes, but psychosocial development of non-athlete extroverts was higher. He was an introverted athlete.
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