The role of state anxiety in predicting the visual perception of Iranian female football referees

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شناسه دیجیتال (DOI): 10.22059/sportcongr.2021.706
Department of physical education and sport Sciences, University of Eyvankey, Semnan, Iran
Introduction: Professional referees are exposed to many internal and external pressures that affect their performance. Making the right decisions and judgment in sports referees requires the active processing of visual information extracted from the environment and integrating this information with other inputs of the senses. Due to the lack of appropriate research on cognitive factors affecting the performance of futsal referees and the decisive role of referees in futsal competitions; This research has been done. The main objective: This study aimed to investigate the role of state anxiety in predicting the visual perception of Iranian female football referees.
Methods: This study was a descriptive correlational study. The study population included all referees working in the Premier League and the first division of Iranian women's football in 1400, of which 45 people participated in this study voluntarily. Subjects were asked to answer the "Spielberger Anxiety Persian Version" questionnaires and take the "Frustig Visual Perception Test." Data were analyzed by univariate regression test using the input method.
Results: The results of the correlation matrix showed that the state anxiety factor was negatively and significantly related to visual perception (p <0.01). At the significance level of 0.05, the state anxiety factor can explain 59% of the variance changes in visual perception in Iranian football referees.
Conclusion: There is a negative relationship between state anxiety and visual perception in female football referees; higher state anxiety reduces visual perception in female futsal referees. These findings indicate the importance of paying attention to state anxiety in referees and providing appropriate solutions by psychologists for psychological preparation to moderate psychological stress in referees and improve the cognitive performance of referees to see better performance in female football referees.
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