Investigation of the causes and effects of unethical behaviors and violence among premier League fans Iran

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شناسه دیجیتال (DOI): 10.22059/sportcongr.2021.626
: 1143-SPORTCONGR (R2)
1Ph.D. student of sports management, University of Mazandaran ,Mazandaran,Iran
2Associate Professor at Faculty of Sport Sciences of University of Mazandaran ,Mazandaran,Iran
Introduction: aggression and violence occur at all levels of sport, from professional and amateur adult competitions to collegiate and youth leagues. It affects athletes of all ages and in a variety of different sports. Sports provide an insightful window onto the complexity of aggressive and violent behavior. Violence and aggression have been always considered as inseparable parts of human life. Iran is one of the countries in which, this phenomenon should be considered as a serious problem.
Methods: This research aimed at investigating the causes and effects of football violence in the Iranian Premier League. It evaluated different aspects of spectators’ behavior and violence and their actions. Therefore, it was done by descriptive-survey method as a field study. Data analysis was done by using different statistical tools. The participants were selected by simple random sampling. Face validity of the questionnaire was evaluated by 5 experts.
Results: The findings suggested that the most common actions among fans included crowding, throwing objects, participating in property damage, and physical violence. These incidents were caused by wrong decision, injustice, or federation management style.
Conclusion: The federation should modify its management policies and relieve the spectators’ violence; also, it should create cooperation and organize some resources for resolving or minimizing the problems.
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